Podere Monastero | Campanaio Technical Sheet
The Technical Sheet of Campanaio Wine: 50% Cabernet Sauvignon – 50% Merlot
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Campanaio Technical Sheet

Wine name Campanaio
Wine Type Indicazione Geografica Tipica
First year of production 2006
Yearly bottle production 3100
Grapes 50% Cabernet Sauv. 50% Merlot
Production area Castellina in Chianti
Vines height Mt. 495
Type of ground Medium mixture rich of skeleton
Growth system Spur pruned cord
Plant density 5900
Age of productive vines 5 years
Hectare grape gain 45 Ql
Time of vintage First half of September
Fermentation tank material Steel at controlled temperature
Working temperature 26°
Working time 15 days
Malolactic fermentation Done
Type of wood 50% Allier Barriques – medium toasting; 50% American durmast Barriques         
Lenght of pre-bottling refinement 15 months
Production stability Natural
Bottle refinement 7 months
Bottle type Bordeaux – heavy
Bottle per box 6